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Magma Hair Color 

MAGMA ULTRA LIFTING POWDER COLOR is a creation from Wella, out performing standard industry Hair Color and Lighteners. It gives today's creative artists the ability to highlight through previously colored hair. Despite the different porosities of the hair and previous color deposits, the result is amazingly even from roots to ends, definitely exclusive. Relatively short processing time and no ammonia. A colorists dream come true.

I have always been eager to be at the forefront of hair fashion! I have been using the MAGMA almost daily and clients are ecstatic about the results, and so are we!

Until recently, it was only possible to add highlights over existing hair color by using bleach to break through the existing hair color pigment. The disadvantage about that particular process is, it is a double process, but even more so once the hair is bleached, it is difficult to keep the color in the bleached hair and fading occurs rather soon. MAGMA is a one step process, no bleaching, it is even ammonia free yet still breaks through existing permanent and semi-permanent salon hair color. Magma leaves the hair feeling shiny and very healthy. Another great benefit is the color range, from red to orange, light gold blonde to light ash blonde. And we mean light ash blonde, due to the fact that these highlights do no react to oxidation the highlights will never turn brassy.

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