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Healthy Hair

Dermabrasion Treatment For Your Scalp

If you are experiencing mild to strong hair loss from massive build up around your follicle, then you should consider a Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment.
Especially when you use, or have used a cleansing agent from way back Wen, who combines shampoo and conditioner, then you have limited time to reverse the effect before is becomes chronic. Watch the Video

Brazilian Blow Out Keratin Treatment

This treatment is a dream come true for most clients. It is a very intensive Keratin conditioning treatment which
gives your hair an incredibly shiny and healthy feel. According to manufacturer's instructions, the treatment lasts about 3 months Following my custom after care program, for most of my clients, the treatment lasts up to 6 months..

Shower Filter

A quality shower filter is highly recommended to eliminate your hair from being dried out from chlorinated city water. 
One of the best ones is made by Aquasana. Watch the video

After Shampooing

Blot your wet hair with a towel
after shampooing. Don't rub the 
hair dry with a towel! You will tear
up your hair's cuticle and lose 
shine and elasticity. Suggestion: Wrap your towel around your head like a turban, 
in just a few minutes the towel will have absorbed the excess moisture, and then continue styling as desired.

Colored or Natural Hair 

After shampooing, finish with a cool or cold rinse. Cold water will close 
the cuticle of the hair and therefore make your hair much shinier, which
also helps our color clients to greatly reduce the natural process of fading.
After all, we want you to get most out of your money spent and enjoy our
work as long as possible. You also might want to look into a customized 
color shampoo.

Curly Hair / Body Waves
Never brush perms or curly hair when the hair is dry, otherwise you may get that frizzy pyramid effect! Always comb curly
hair / a perm,after shampooing, when hair is wet, preferably with a wide tooth comb. Move your hair into place with some 
styling aid, such as gel or a curl enhancer, and let it air dry or scrunch with diffuser.

Watch out for build up on your hair!

Today's busy lifestyle may require shampooing your hair every day, which is not what I recommend because it 
can quickly lead to color fading and increasing dryness in your hair, however, keep in mind that using styling
aids such a gel, mousse or hairspray, can leave quite a build up on your hair. Even regular city water contains mineral deposits
which can dull your hair and render it looking lifeless.
on your hair (can only be performed on wet hair). You might be surprised what you'll find, and what you'll find might explain
why your hair is just hanging and doesn't have any volume! Using a build up removing "Deep Cleansing Shampoo can drastically 
improve your hair's condition and appearance. Adding a spoon of Baking Soda to the shampoo helps even more in removing build up.

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